Ampleknitters Retreat West 2005

Ampleknitter_Retreat_05a (133k image)

Our first ampleknitter’s retreat was great fun! We met friends we “know” from the list and some that we’d met before, we learned new stuff (Here we’re working on our shadow knitting dishcloths which Jardee W. was teaching us.) We also raided all the local yarn shops within reach, admired each others knitting, ate, drank, and had a heck of a merry time! I am already looking forward to next year! 🙂

One thought on “Ampleknitters Retreat West 2005

  1. That just looks like too much fun!!! I am shocked at the amount of snow though! Glad you made it home ok! Is the ampleknitters a yahoo group? I’m on too many of those… but what’s one more, right? 😀


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