My Pi-R-Finished, at last!

MyPI1 (152k image)

Well, here it is. It’s not very big but plenty soft so it might be a baby shawl. It was an interesting project and inspired me to try the Feather and Fan from Meg Swanson’s “Gathering Of Lace”. It’s not impossible that I might even have another go at it someday. I have learned a lot about lace in the EsasPi workshop on yahoo. I’ve got the Fox Island vest started, too. Anyway… an FO is comfortable thing no matter what! 😀

One thought on “My Pi-R-Finished, at last!

  1. Wow that is just beautiful!!! And I really like the unfinished diamonds! Kinda looks like bird wings! And the feather and fan pattern in the round is just gorgeous too! You do good work! 🙂


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