A New Release!

scan (27k image)

Okay… the weaving movie is finally done. “Put to bed” is, I think, the movie term for ‘the dad-blasted thing is finished at last’! Wow! The weaving was easy but the rest was certainly more work than meets the eye! lol We don’t hear the mantle clock ticking or the dog barking or the roosters crowing or the aquarium burbling away but the camera picks up every sound and magnifies it on tape! :O And every clunk when I drop the loom or %#*&! when I mess up :blush: . Rosy thought our giggling fits and asides by me were unprofessional and ruthlessly edited all this ‘homey’ stuff out! :plain: Oh well, she says it’s just funny the first time and distracting when you’re trying to learn something and I guess she’s right. So this DVD focuses on weaving. Brother John’s guitar picking lightens the mood. If you’re a guitar person you’ll want to take a look at his web page, he builds beautiful instruments as well as plays and even, on occasion, sings! 😀
But if you think you might be interested in seeing our movie debut, the 45 minute DVD is for sale on the web page now, for a modest $19.95 plus shipping.
Meantime… Happy weaving! 🙂

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