Stor Rund Dug

Stor_Rund_Dug4 (244k image)

Sis says it means Very Big Doily. She also says hers measures 42″ across so I think it’s pretty well named! It’s also gorgeous! she’s been working on it for some time now and I think it was well worth the effort. It’s hand-spun and hand dyed yarn as well. I am in total awe of her knitting skills and even more so of her patience! Well, I think my little piece of Pi is kinda cute but it certainly isn’t in the same class as this work of art!
I wonder if she has time between now and Xmas to whip out another one…? 😉

Oops! Sis says this one wasn’t her handspun. I must have been thinking of her PI!

“I used lace weight yarn from in a color they called Vermillion LC. It was a single ply. I used size 6 needles.

5 thoughts on “Stor Rund Dug

  1. You are right that is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen! She must have the patience of a saint!!! Either that or knit very very slow so as not to make any mistakes! Even just working on my Kiri I find myself counting and recounting and watching where my stitches fall. I think something that intricate would put me right over the edge! 😀

    Now I will be forced to run off and look at doily patterns in a whole new light!!! So much to knit so little time!!!


  2. Thanks ladies, but my knitting skills are pretty much the same as yours, I’m sure. Actually, I found this pattern easier to do than the Pi as it had shorter repeats that were easier to keep track of. Not that I didn’t do a lot of tinking anyway, lol.


  3. Hi,
    Beautiful, where did she get the pattern? Is it in English? Sometimes it doesn;t matter, between charts and on-line dictionary I can usualy work with them even in Finnish. I just finished a pretty one I found on-line in Finnish. Thanks for showing it. I woud love to work it is a little bigger yarn for a shawl.


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