My Mohair shawl

mohair_triangle_shawl_2views (123k image)

I made this one without a point in the back but it is extra wide as you can see, so that I can tie it loosely in front. It will also go around me and tie in the back like the Hap shawls the lace knitters are making. I am making a beaded fringe for it but it’s slow going. I think it will look fine when I get it done, however. Meanwhile, this shawl hardly weighs anything but is quite warm. It is 5 14″ triangles across the hypotenuse.

6 thoughts on “My Mohair shawl

  1. Thank you. I’ll try to get a photo of the back when I get the fringe finished. It’s flat-ish… sort of a cross between a shawl and a stole.


  2. Wow, that did turn out beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see the beaded edging. I love that it’s long enough to loosely tie too! I can’t really see using a pin through it to hold it in place! Maybe a clasp or one of those rings though. You’re making me want to run out and get some fuzzy fluffy yarns now!!! 😀


  3. Thanks, Linda. I bought this yarn at the oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) last year but the tags only have yarn content and yardage, no dealer name and I can’t remember. Maybe if she happens onto my blog she’ll let us know where to get more! lol


  4. hi Hazel, I am on the AK list and have been looking at your blog from time to time. This shawl turned out really lovely. The colors are so beautiful and it will be fun to see how many different outfits you will be able to wear it with! :o)


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