I’m still here…

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Still have lots of company but they’re in the cabin next door and doing their “thing” so I can enjoy the company and still get my stuff done. What I’m doing today is painting the insides of my lower (old) cabinets white. They were raw plywood and very dark. Now maybe I can see what’s in there! Ooo fancy meeting that here! :laugh:
But I’ve also been lace knitting … or is that knitting lace? I joined a knit along…we’ll see if that helps! Anyway, I got a start on my little table cloth and I’ve also made a watch for my new Red Hat Dress. I finished the shrug. I’ll get Sis to take my portrait next month when I get all dolled up for our next meeting. Boy, I’m going to be elegant! lol 🙄
Oh yes, I’m also tending to the crop of pears. Looks like we aren’t going to get much from the apples this year. Himself is going to have to get the sprayer out. Of course, it doesn’t help when Mother Nature rains on the blossoms. The shower just missed us today but it’s getting cool. The wind brought down a lot of leaves, too. Ominous.

One thought on “I’m still here…

  1. That’s one pretty tablecloth: silk? Handspun? What pattern? I have a UFO tablecloth in my stash using white cotton-linen yarn and it’s from Judy Gibson’s string & air page, started as the feather & fan cloth and when I get the needles back on, I’ll continue and do the Oma’s lace pattern…http://jgibson.cts.com/knitting/circfnf.htm

    Lo7ve that patio table! I found a cool recipe on a Native American website for clay using sawdust… it calls for wallpaper paste, but I’ll try it with flour since the wallpaper paste that I’ve found has "don’t put on skin" on the box, so will just try flour..may add some glue to it also…



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