I’m back in town.

Hell_Gate_sm (125k image)

Can you find me? 4th row left side, just behind the lady in the blue shirt. That’s Sis next to me in the orange. This jet boat trip was fun and not too wet! The pilot felt sorry for us as the day was warm but not very hot! This is a great trip so if you can go-do!
But it wasn’t all fun and games. In case you didn’t know, I spent the week with my sister in Rogue River, Oregon. We had a great time. Spent a lot of time just doing whatever we felt like at the time… visiting the animals, going shopping, knitting, talking, eating… We did work on the video and (I think!) have all the footage we need. She has to come down and do the editing on my computer, which we bought with all the goodies just for this project. (I hope! lol) That was all the weaving I did, tho, demo’s for the vid. But it was great just relaxing and letting Sis do the cooking and the cleaning up and me just sitting around supervising. 😎 Will she get hers when she comes down? :laugh:

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