Mo shawl progress report

mohair_triangle_shawl (95k image)

Made some progress on the shawl. This is just 4 triangles wide. I’m planning on five. It’s going to be a very generous size, even for me, I think. It’s very light weight and soft. I’m putting it together using a fagotting stitch which is also lacy. Click where it says [read the rest here] to see a close-up of the fagotting stitch. Don’t know if I’ll get it finished tomorrow because Sis is coming down and we’re planning to try to finish the Video Project. :crazy:
Wish us luck! 😉
Oh yes, that’s Robin checking my work. He makes sure I don’t slip up!

mohair_fagotting (109k image)

6 thoughts on “Mo shawl progress report

  1. Ooohh, I was wondering how you were going to stitch that wide weave together, and that is just beautiful!!! Compliments the diamondy shape that the weave has very well!
    I like the more open weave too. The every nail weave looked like it was too stiff for that fluffy yarn. Can’t wait to see what kind of beads you are going to come up with! But I’m sure it is going to be just dazzling!!!


  2. Sis is buying the beads on her way down so it’ll be a surprise to me as well! It is slow going with this stitch becuase I have to make sure they stay the same size and that I don’t just catch the fuzz and not the yarn. I’ve had to do a little backing up already!


  3. dear Hazel,

    your close up pictures are just great. I always learn sooooooo much from you. that shawl looks heavenly. Won’t the beads added on add too much weight? Now I’m going to try that fagotting stitch. thx for the inspiration. Kayla


  4. Thanks, Kayla. the shawl actually needs the little bit of weight that the beads will give it. It is so light that it is hard to get it to drape correctly and not bunch up on my shoulders when i try to put it on. There are disadvantages to "Fairy Weight" yarns! lol


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