mo_shawl_pieces (149k image)

Here’s the stack of squares and triangles I wove today. I decided to weave every other nail to give it a more open look and let the fuzziness of the yarn show to best advantage. That same fuzziness will also make sure the weaving stays in place.
It makes a very nice fabric, not a bit scratchy, which is a thing I was worried about. I think it was called kid mohair, but you can never tell. However, it’s very light and soft. 🙂 The color ways are a bit shorter than I had thought. I’m not wholly enchanted with the little plaid… I had pictured larger areas of color. But I think it will make a lovely shawl. I’ll decide on the final shape of it as I go along. So… it’s started, it seems to be going a lot quicker than I thought it would and i might even get it together tomorrow. I wont’ be able to finish the fringe until I get the beads, tho.

mohair_triangle1 (180k image)

This was the first tri I wove using every nail. i thought it was too tight for the type of yarn this is so went to the every other nail version.

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