Spinning fun

new_yarn_roving3 (25k image)
This is fun with all these new colors to play with. I wasn’t satisfied with the skein colors I made yesterday but I think this one is going to come out better. The orange looks pretty bright here but I think the rest of the colors will modify it in the end. I hope. 😛 Anyway, it makes a pretty picture. The fat “caterpillar” of the rolled batt, the snake of pulled roving and those neat balls, I think someone called them “muffins”, all ready to spin. If it turns out I’ll post a pic of the yarn and the square I weave with it.
Hope you’re having fun, too!

One thought on “Spinning fun

  1. Wow all that carding and dying is inspirational! Love the oranges! Thats a color you don’t see too much of. Can’t wait to see the weaving. I’ve been working on squares too. I’m trying to get a few more to piece together for a blanket out of all my stash box of squares. No pattern just a random patch blanket. 🙂


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