Guess what I’ve been doing this week!?

This is just one batt I made from the fiber Rosy and I have been dying this week! We have had a whole week of fibering! We dyed and blended and spun. We also visited and ate and slept and went shopping. In fact… I bought a vidcam. I think that’s what it’s called. So we are working on making a movie about weaving on HRL’s. This Block Buster will not be out for sometime, tho, as my producer, camera man, technical director, best boy, & etc. has to figure out how to work the thing first. (That’s Rosy) She got to spend a lot fo time on the computer trying to figure out the soft ware while I carded really colorful wool.
We also visited Rosy’s spinning group in Rogue River yesterday. What nice bunch of ladies! We met in the library and entertained a group of kindergarten kiddies who were on a field trip there, too. But this morning I had to pack up and come home. Glad to be here but wanted to keep fibering! :laugh: Did my grocery shopping in the rain and arrived home late this afternoon. Now it’s time to go make dinner. Back in the rut! 😉 but I was thinking! I visited The Colonel on the way down!

One thought on “Guess what I’ve been doing this week!?

  1. Sounds like a week full of fun. I wish I had some fiber friends. For now I’ll just visit folks like you and enjoy what you are doing.


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