What I been doing…

BabyRomper3a (22k image)

Well, I made a mess of my sweater and after I’d frogged it 4 times I decided I probably wasn’t meant to do that just now so I knitted my baby doll a new romper instead. Actually, She’s getting a whole new layette. I’m working on a night gown now and then a soaker and, I think, a dress with ruffled panties might be cute. I’ve decided I’m going to donate several of my dolls to a children’s hospital or something like that. I enjoy making for them, but I really don’t need a houseful of dolls that could be giving some kid a little company.
I also got out my spinning wheel, oiled it up and actually spun two bobbins of yarn today. One of kid mohair that I plied with some wool (Westlydale?) that I had on a bobbin, and a spool of some carder waste I carded bats of last fall. I think I may try a felted bag with that, maybe on the 14 inch square. I’ve never tried felting this stuff but now seems a good time to find out.
Hope your January is going on warm and not too icy. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case I can wish you some cool! :hehe:

One thought on “What I been doing…

  1. Just had to check in with you guys with all the avalanches, floods, and mud slides I’ve been seeing on the news lately I’m hoping you guys are ok. Looks like you’ve got quite a bit of snow there!

    I love the little jumper and the felted bag! I’ve been working on some booties for the childrens hospital here. They gave a plain jane pattern for them, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to dress them up a bit with ruffles, and ribbons, and stripes, and sewn on hearts, and smiley face!

    Your spinning sounds like fun too. I’ve gotta get to making something out of the yarn I made before I spin up any more. The stuff is just hanging everywhere! 😛

    Hope you are having a bit of good weather by now. We had a few days of rain, but now it’s sunny and clear and cooold! I’m just glad to see the sun again. 🙂


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