A morning’s work

what_I_did_today (33k image)
Got Randy to leave me a ladder this morning and finished picking the pears. Well, most of them. There are still some over my reach even with the ladder. Either he’ll get those or they’ll fall and the deer will. They are working on the windfall apples but there’s no way they can clean them up, waaaay to many, after having no apples last year!
But while I had the ladder, I also put up the new porch lights. Karen sent me a box of “twinkle” lights that I use for yard lights (They don’t get to twinkle, however! 😛 ) I could not find any here, dunno what the stores are thinking of to pack those away with the xmas stuff. They make great patio lights and I see more and more of them up. I found 10 lights in some ugly looking tin covers for $14.00 in Walmart. Yeah… likely! lol I’ll stock up after xmas this year or maybe just send Karen some $ for more. The snow takes the ones off the wood shed every winter but they’re cheap enough to replace that I don’t worry about it. I think Randy could probably figure out some way to keep them up there if he had time to think about it. Or…maybe… do you think?! I might…? Meantime, I have some pears to pack away.

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