Hurricane Frances

hurricane (24k image)
Latest: This morning we see that the hurricane has gone, or rather, is going almost directly over the north end of Lake Okeechobee.. which is to say, right on top of Elsie & CW. We have, of course, heard nothing except what the weather channel tells us and they have nothing until they can get people in there after it moves on. By that time someone should be able to get word out. We hope. And now here comes Ivan…

Got this email from my sister who is in Okeechobee… the red dot on the map. My daughter-in-law has a brother living there also. Needless to say we are all keeping close watch on this storm.

Elsie says,”We’re still hanging in there. And so is Frances. She’s parked off the coast between West Palm and Vero Beach. Every now and then they say they think she’s moving a teensy bit to the west northwest. Most of the coast is without power and I’m sure it won’t be too long before we lose ours. It’s 5:45pm now and it may move thru sometime tonight, or maybe not. So far my corn plant is still standing. (for those who don’t know, I have a 12′ corn plant just off my back patio that’s several years old. We’ve had 55-60mph gusts thru here so far and not much rain. They’re getting a lot more on the north side. Keep us in your prayers…it’s gonna be a long night. Elsie”

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