OFFF_04e (48k image)
We had a great time at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR this weekend. Met some old friends and some new friends and hopefully ‘hooked’ a lot of people to weaving with the looms. Got this picture of Rosy “mugging” for the camera… it’s her fault so I’m not apologizing for posting this picture! 😉
I wove a couple squares using the Pendleton shirt factory selvages they sell for run making. I wove on the 14″ square using every other nail and I think they came out beautifully! I’ll post a photo when I finish it. I thought I’d do six 14″ squares to make a little “throw” rug. If I like how it does I’ll work on a bigger one. You can see them in the pictures, tho not very well, the red one is still on the loom, at Rosy’s feet, and the dark one is hanging over the edge of the table with strings hanging down. She’s weaving diamonds for a scarf.

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