What I’ve been doing

printing (38k image)
My “fiber” work lately has be an extension of the real thing, I guess you could say! Working in the shop and at the printer. Getting ready for OFFF, we hope! I have been making some progress with those things, tho. And while I’ve been waiting for the printer to need me again, I’ve been working on an old problem. That of making mittens with the larger looms. I think I have it figured out for the Quilt Weavers. I’m weaving now on the Tiny Set to find out what happens to that one when I toss it in the machine. I’ve made a different thumb for it, which was the problem in the last one, it got too small. Next I’ll work with the 12 & 14″ sets, that should prove a real challenge! :blush:
I hope all you folks in the Southern Realms are hightailing it to safer ground. We had a pretty good wind here last night but it’s wimpy compared to what you have heading that way. I’ll stay huddled in my mountains, thank you. But I wish you safe!

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