It’s done

LoneStar94a (33k image)

It’s pretty and I like the yarn but I’m not entirely satisfied with it. The star buckles a bit in the center. I haven’t decided if it’s the bulky yarn or something else. One of our customers is making a double star quilt using some fine llama and hers appears to be laying nicely flat, so it may be a yarn problem here. I can see this is going to require some more “research”! 😀

One thought on “It’s done

  1. Hi, Hazel… The finished diamond quilt is really beautiful. Very inspiring. The buckling may have to do with the straight grains of each diamond going different directions. If this is acrylic, steam it lightly [not heavy steam] on a flat blocking board and you can probably even out the piece. I work with a lot of knits and, of course, I’m not fighting the different directions, only lengthwise and widthwise directions.


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