Finished Lone Star Quilt

LoneStar4 (36k image)
Here’s the finished Lone Star baby quilt woven using the 7″ Quilt Weaver Diamond loom. I also used the 14″ triangle and square looms to finish this blanket. The white row inside the green border is a row of double crochet and the white edging is a row of reverse single crochet, which forms a “beaded” edge.
It is quite a large blanket, about 56″ square. This could be done with the Tiny set and the star could be built up of more rows of diamonds. It could be quite colorful this way. The size could also be adjusted using the different sized looms.

One thought on “Finished Lone Star Quilt

  1. What a wonderful star blanket. I have the 12 inch triangle loom and a smaller one (10 inch?) Would they go with the diamond loom? Your looms are beautiful! Charlotte, in Fort Myers.


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