A nice Tuesday

Up_a_creek (80k image)
We worked all morning and late this afternoon Randy asked if I wanted to go with him to get water. We get water from a spring so we don’t have to drink this poisoned chlorinated stuff the state forced on us. It was so pretty. The creek is perfectly clear, the sky perfectly blue, the temperate was also perfect this time. I took this picture looking back toward Billy’s Peak. The only wildlife we saw was a family of Quail. That hen must have had a dozen or more half grown chicks. Randy stopped as they were all over the road, but they all got safely across at last and we went on our way. I hope you all have as pretty a view as we do here in Coffee Creek, CA.

One thought on “A nice Tuesday

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pics with us. I live in Ontario Canada about 1 hour east of Toronto in a small community. We have some lovely lanscape here, but not so lovely as you have shown in your pics. I did very much enjoy meeting you on your blog. I hand knit very little, but I am ample sized-even though I am only 5foot 1 inch if I stand tall….I weigh in about 200 lbs. I have been (lurking)only reading on the website for just a short time and haven’t introduced myself yet as I machine knit mostly with a bond and am just learning an old brother with no ribber. Money is tight, so I buy only acrylic at the walmarts or zellers stores or sometimes goodwills. Just thought I would say "thanks" it is nice to meet you and your pics.


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