Quilt Progress

LoneStar93 (27k image)
I was asked to post a progress picture. As you can see, I really have made some progress in spite of other excitments. 😉 I have just 14 squares to weave to finish the last side of the border. I think I might do a single row of reverse sc to finish, depending on what it looks like in this yarn. It dosen’t work with them all. It is gettig to be a lot bigger than I envisioned at the beginning, too! Harder to find a place to photgraph it! I was thinking of this as a crib blanket. Anybody have an idea of the measurments for one of those? This one is going to be square but I could plan better in the future.

3 thoughts on “Quilt Progress

  1. WOW! What a lucky baby! I love it! Love the colors, design, size, it beautiful! Oh man, I haven’t even made my first shawl and now I want quilt looms! This kind of quilting I could get into!
    very cool!

    Mary <


  2. A baby quilt is what it is intended for. A friend is measuring her babies blankts for me but I think a square one will still work this time.


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