I am finally going to learn how to use this blog thing… I hope.

The tutorial says I should: Tell us about you and what we’ll find on your blog.

Well, I am Hazel. I haven’t always been this old but have always been more or less  arty. I guess my main ‘art form’ would be drawing, extended to painting, but I have always been interested in any art form that crosses my path. I’ve dabbled in many, no point in listing them here, it would take all day, but they range from fiber crafts to metal & wood work. My Pop was a rock hound and lapidarist (is that a word?) and I tried my hand at those forms, too.  Momma taught me to crochet way back and my 4th grade teacher taught me to knit so yarn arts have always been in there, too. Is gardening an art? I don’t know that I have a green thumb but I enjoy my garden, too, both flowers and food. I’ve written some poetry and short stories, designed birthday and get well cards, written children’s picture books, directed siblings & off spring in musical plays, just for our own entertainment. i can  pick out a ragged tun on piano, cord a guitar, and used to be able to tootle a tune on a clarinet or flute. Badly in all cases and sing along as well, probably badly at that, too, but with Gusto! Well, I still sing along in the car! Randy and I celebrated our 34th year yesterday and he is having a birthday poker party with the boys for his day today.  I had mine a couple weeks ago, but we won’t talk about that. What else? Well, it’s already more than you wanted to know!

So what’ll you find on the blog? Pretty much what you have already found I’m sure. Stuff about the looms and my weaving projects. Stuff about my dolls and what I am making for them. Pictures of my garden and our trips hither and yon. Things I bake and can and a few pictures of the dogs and cats and the deer & other wild critters who wander though the place. We have two Stellar Jay nests this spring, there’ll be baby birds all over soon!Checkered lilies close

My checkered lilies are blooming again. and my peas are up. I’ll plant kale tomorrow. So there you have it for my first lesson in how to make a proper blog. I think it’ll get better. Well, to be honest, I hope it’ll get better!

But thank you for reading this, both of you, even if you are my sisters.



Ever wonder why it’s call the Big Sky?

And here we are on the top of the world. I don’t remember what pass this is but it was lovely and exactly the right time of the year to meet the most populous residents.. mosquitoes!

But we had nice camping places.

Saw lots of wild life.

Opps! Sorry!


But on the way home we found Mt Shasta on fire. Turned out to be a ‘control burn’ which, this time, did not get out of control.

And we got home to find we have a new neighbor, spending the summer in the community.

Now we’ve gone to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon without taking any pictures & are home again for awhile. But it’s been an enjoyable month! Hope your summer is not too hot!



Long projects

It truly looks like I am never going to be rich and famous as a blogger. I think those people have to be a little consistent about posting and I obviously am not. Ah well… I hope my 3 fans do enjoy it when I remember! lol I suppose it still counts if two of those are relatives?

But on to the topic of the day. The long in the making Shawl In A Ball project. Quite frankly I, like a lot of others, find assembling all these little squares at bit tedious on big projects so I remembered a male weaver who went to his sewing machine. I rather liked both the idea and the results so!

Remember all those little bags of squares? Got them all into strips in one morning. I think I have just about enough for the bodice of my top. Now I’ve gotten out my 12 inch square and am going to experiment with it for the sleeves. Once I think I have it all figured out  it will be back to the machine. I guess I should show you how I’m doing it. I think you can see here. Back to back wrong sides together . This is going to make the total area smaller since it is using about 1/4″ on each side a s seam allowance but it goes ever so much faster and I like the texture it gives to this project. This is really not burlap which, I admit, it does resemble in this close-up. but I think you can see what I am doing.

Oh yeah, I had a helper, an inspector, on the job. He came down periodically to make sure I was staying on the job. This is Robin, he lives in the studio, mostly in his “tree” where he can watch to doings inside and out.

Well, I’m off to weave some 12″ squares. I’ll try to be a better blogger and post some progress a bit more often.

Happy Weaving!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it….


Finally we have some white stuff! It’s thin here, which is fine, but it was sure pretty to see it falling again! Randy and Stella took a ride up Scott Mt today and took some pictures where it’s deeper. If the forecast are right there will be more up there starting sometime tonight and it looks like its going to  hang around off and on for the coming week. I have no weaving to show you  but have been working in the shop. Stock is getting low so we have to go back to work. 🙂 But I did get some cookies baked today and I think it’s time to put the teapot on and sit by the fire and admire the snow!

IMG_8183 IMG_8184

Making a little headway…

If  I had not been doing this project publicly in front of all of you it would have been shoved in the back of the closet by this time, to languish, probably for years. I don’t know what it is, seems to have been jinxed somewhere along the way. The weaving went fine but I have un-stitched this thing more than any other project I’ve yet undertaken! And I can only blame gremlins because it’s just stupid stuff, sewn the blocks together backward, sewn the new strip in the wrong place. This last time I thought it was going to be too small so added a strip and found it was way too big instead so have taken that off now. I am going to make a button band, either woven or probably knitted so I am leaving the front alone for awhile and will go to work on the sleeves. It fits pretty well except for the front of the arm holes. I’m not sure what the problem is there, maybe it needs a dart. If it’s too wide it’s too bad. But it’s not really a big problem so I’ll just leave it for now. Here’s what I have at this stage. Stella thought she’d help a bit but I declined. She’s really good at showing her feeling are hurt but I was in no mood to be sympathetic.

DSC03110  DSC03111

I’m thinking about trying a collar. Never have but I’ll wait until the sleeves are finished. I’m getting low on yarn too, so a lot depends on that. The shape woven yoke and sleeve bits worked fine, by the way. I’m thinking about the sleeve tops themselves now…



It is still a UFO. I have torn the place apart, nearly literally, and still have not found my pattern. I am hornswoggled. But i did find a couple other’s that might work and i can use my last jacket as a guide as well, i suppose. But it beats mw what i could have done with it. I’m beginning to suspect it may have been accidently tossed out. But I have decided to try the shape weaving thing and weave my yoke in one piece. I laid out the pattern today and hope to get started weaving it tomorrow. I’m not going to try for fancy this time.

Other than that Stella is settling in pretty well. She had her ”wellness” vet visit and is on antibiotics to help her bites heal and another pill for a bladder infection. She need a tooth pulled as she has a broken canine tht is showing signs of abscess. But she is has all her shots, including rabies so is also now licensed and legal.

tag 2tag snow4

She also got to roll in the snow and thought that was pretty wonderful! She loves being outside, but is not quite sure what she’s supposed to do there. She walks around in squares, for the most part. Randy says it’s room size, a habit from living indoors. Could be. But she is learning to ride in pickup and golf cart, She’s learned she can drink from a creek and even wade though small ones. She & Robin are getting used to each other so I may try introducing Taz, who is the hard case in our cat family.

Hope you are enjoying your looms. Don’t give up on me!

New family memeber

We decided it was time and Randy found this lady on a rescue site. We contacted Shelby and Wyatt and they liked us and so Stella has a new “forever home” in Coffee Creek. I think she has been a city dog all her life (6-7 years) but seems to be adapting to country life rapidly! She did fine on the 4+ hour trip up yesterday, did not want her dinner but had a ‘bone’ for breakfast and has now gone with Randy, in the rain, to check his business up the hill. We are working on the No Dogs in the Kitchen rule, but when I point she knows already to back up! lol Randy is getting lessons, too. 🙂 Stella is a lap dog, something Randy isn’t used to.

day 2

No yarn stories again. I still haven’t been able to find what the heck I did with my pattern. I guess I’ll have to go see if I can find another one that will work. I know this one will show up, probably about the time I don’t need it anymore! You know how that goes. Meantime, I hope you are making better progress on your projects and keeping  your looms dusted off!

Wishing you warm and dry!