Patchwork experiment.

Okay, here it is. It took some finigeling but I think I got it. It’s still a bit too wide at the shoulders, but then the original shirt also was. I ended up making darts in the back of the shoulders which helped some. I like it much better than the original shirt, in any case.  Had to add a row on 2″ squares out of the bag at the neckline as it was a bit to low for the high cut sports bra which is my favorite. But I think they are kinda cute, anyway. So here’s the next steps. Mine- & you can see where to avoid this many with a little planning on yours!

Pinned the patchwork to the shirt at sleeve seam and shoulder.  Then top-sewed it down. >>> Then took out the shoulders because they were too wide. Sewed the dart in the back and the re-pinned and top sewed it again, easing the blocks. I also pinned and top sewed the bottom of the patchwork.


Then I cut out the section of the shirt under this leaving a half inch of “seam allowance”  in case I needed it. You never know. I hope you can tell that this is inside-out here.


And now it’s done. I am pleased with it, all in all. Used up a bunch of squares out of the misc bag and have a colorful shirt to wear this summer just by remodeling one I already had and didn’t wear. Meanwhile, I am still weaving for the tunic. But there are more blocks in the misc bag, too….


Just wanted to add a note here. I tossed this one in the washer with the regular laundry and it came out just fine. May have fulled a tiny bit but no shrinkage or distortion, not unraveling. Did just fine, which pleases me no end!

2 thoughts on “Patchwork experiment.

  1. That looks really good. I was a little skeptical at first, but you definitely pulled it off. BTW, is your hair pink again, or is that just the picture? Sis


  2. Thank you. I am not a sewer so it isn’t done ‘properly”. In fact, doing this at all probably isn’t proper to anyone who makes clothing from scratch, but it worked. It looks good, it’s holding together just fine and it made a wearable shirt out of something headed for a thrift shop.


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