The Stack is growing…

I’m getting there.

coming along

I decided to add a bit of an edging pattern to the tunic bottom. Just a little two repeat pattern:

1. Weave Plain

2. Under 1, then slip the needle across between the layers of warp and go under the last one.

Slip stitch 1

3. Weave plain.

Slip stitch 2

4. Repeat row 2 and them weave the rest of the block plain.

Slip stitch 3

Day started out raining, now it’s just cold and gloomy so I think I’ll build a fire and sit and weave today.

2 thoughts on “The Stack is growing…

  1. You’re so talented with looms. I’ve never seen a pretty edging done on a loom weave like that. Beautiful. I can hardly wait to see your finished tunic.
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I may give it a try soon.


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