At it again

I am still weaving squares for my tunic but thought I’d do something with this bag of little ones, meantime. I think I mentioned that I’d… Had An Idea! So I worked on it a bit today.
Inspired by this shirt I found in the bottom of my drawer. Don’t know why I bought this, it’s an ugly man type shirt. Well, it’s red. I have a hard time resisting anything red.


Laid out my blocks on it.


Found a couple  wool ones and had to replace them as this will be tossed in the washer if it turns out wearable. Had to go so far as to weave one replacement.


but I got them all assembled! Not too shabby and I still have the evening to weave on the tunic. But now I’d better go tend the spaghetti before Himself starts getting grumpy.


To be continued……………………………….


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