Found one bag of misc small squares. Looks like there might have been at least two projects started and forgotten. ah well.


I laid out  some that look like a good start on a summer patchwork top. But left the room and came back to find a helper. Since it was laid out on the bed, the largest work surface in this dinky house, I had to bag them back up, anyway, for the time being. Spent a few wakeful hours last night coming up with ideas. I may have figure something out here but it needs a little testing before I share it. Hang on…Image



2 thoughts on “Misc.

  1. You have a wonderful helper, so snugly and soft. I’m sure your helper will give your squares a good testing and a good grade in top quality. 🙂


  2. All that and some additional “fiber” as well. Oh well, I doubt there is much in this house that hasn’t been blessed that way! But if one of them doesn’t try out any woven bit left lying in this
    house I have to worry that it may be toxic or something!


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