Counting squares

Counted this morning. Got 15 out of the 40 I need so still have a way to go. Going to have to do more than 2-3 a day. Wish you could feel this stuff. If you have some nice alpaca in your stash go cuddle it for a minute and you’ll know what I mean!Image

But meantime, I got out my bag of squares from the  6-7″ looms. There’s a varitey of them, none of them 6-7″ probably but both square and diagonal weaving. It’ll take some tricky doing to make those go together. Not sure what I can make of these, it’ll take some thinking. Somewhere there’s a big bag of smaller ones, too. Hummm… I’ve seen these dresses, mostly for children, that have a knitted bodice or yoke and a cloth skirt.  I rarely wear a dress but I might be able to do something like that for a summer top. I’ll have to think about that. It would be a sort of smock type blouse. Yes, that might work. Wonder what I have in my sewing fabric stash…Image

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