End of summer?

It’s been down in the 80’s all week and in the 40’s at night. I love it but my tomatoes don’t. They are ripening a couple at a time, slowly. I have some veggies in the dehydrator today, zucchini,  peppers, green beans, a roma type tomato, stuff to make into my soup mix. I dried the Asian pears that a neighbor gave me, those we didn’t eat fresh, that is. Good stuff! And the black berries to deal with tomorrow. I made some dill relish using up the excess cucumbers. It’s pretty good, I have a half pint left over that I just put in the fridge to use more or less fresh.

But today I also finished up a little doll dress. I say a kid version of this in a knitting magazine but this doll one is woven on an assortment of little blooms. Here’s Samantha Whirling and twirling in her new dancing dress,

2 thoughts on “End of summer?

  1. The Multi looms are the ones that use sock yarns and yes, the pins are closer sett on those. About 1/8th inch center to center, whereas the Quilt Weaver looms are 1/4″.


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