Been awhile!

I did not realize it had been so long since I posted here. I am really falling down on the job as a blogger.   Well, I have been busy but not that busy so that’s a poor excuse.  Sounds better than “I forgot”, tho.

I got my HandWoven magazine last week with the picture of my toddler set I sent in to the contest. They bumped me out because I sent the shorts with it. The title of the contest and the only rule was “sleeveless” so I don’t quite get this. You may have seen it. They didn’t mention the looms but I guess that’s okay, too. Anyway, it was a nice picture.  Fed Ex was supposed to have it back here yesterday but they can never find us. UPS has no trouble finding us but Fed Ex… well, I have to call and explain every time. Anyway, Hopefully they’ll get it here tomorrow. I want to try to talk a neighbor into letting her little girl model it for some pictures. I’ve almost finished the boys outfit and then I have to find a toddler boy.

I almost sent this one. They’re both sock yarns. Now I’m working on a doll dress for a possible WAL. And I am working up the hooded doll jacket pattern, too, and have started sketching some baby things.

That’s about all I’ve finished since the chicken kitchen  curtain. We’re trying to get the loom stock up for the fall shows and orders are pouring in again now that the very hot weather is abating a bit. And boy am I glad about that. I’m not ready for winter yet but I am ready for a little moderation! It got up to 82 today, I can deal with that!

What else? I’ve been printing snow scenes today for a neighbor who has ordered 20 more christmas cards! Wow, that’s planning ahead! And yesterday I canned pickle relish to use up the excess cucumbers the garden is producing this year. The tomatoes will be coming on by the bushel in a week or so, too.

Did  I mention that I will be teaching a class this November at Fiber Mania in Grants Pass, Oregon?  This is a new venture for me. X your fingers that someone actually signs up for it!

One thought on “Been awhile!

  1. we have the same problem with Fed Ex… they like to send our stuff to the W version of our address, less than half a mile away. Once I had to go to that address (after seeing “delivered” on the tracking page, but no box anywhere in sight) to retrieve my package from Blick. I knocked, no one was home, my name was in plain sight, so I took it… UPS, no problemo.

    Oh well!


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