Busy Month for shows!

I’m taking the cats to the pet motel tomorrow and getting the dog washed. We head out Friday to Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata to join in the fun there for our first time. This fair has been going on for 22 years but it’s the first time we’ve been part of it. I am looking forward to it. And it’s on the coast, which will be fun, too. as the weather is perfect!

The end of the month is the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and we’ll be OFFF to it in a couple more weeks. Today on American Girl Knitters on Ravelry we discussed a Weave ALong to be tentatively set for January/February. that will be fun , too. We’ll weave a doll dress, of course!

Speaking of dolls… I got a new one today. She’s an American Girl, too. An older one, no longer made by Pleasant Company.  I knew she was coming in just her undies so i found some patterns from fellow dollers and had some waiting for her. Now that she’s here for me to fit I can start weaving her wardrobe, too!  Meet Skyler! She’s having a bad hair day just out of the box but is in great shape elsewhere.  She even stands up. her mini skirt is just a tad too mini but the sweater fits just fine.

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