I think I am linking to a site that posts a photo each week for you to match with a 100 word story of your own composing. I thought that sounded like fun. http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/photo-prompt-for-100-word-flash-fridayfictioneers-34/ I’m technically challenged so I don’t know if I’m doing this right but here my story  for this week.


I was sure I saw a flicker of movement just there where the path disappears into the woods. It’s quiet, a distant bird song and the steady clicking of some courting insect is all the sound in the world.  Those two teen boys claimed to have seen Sasquatch here just two days ago. I don’t believe it but they said it left tracks in the mud near that stream about half mile into the woods. Just some boys wanting attention but I was sent  to get a picture so I’ll get a picture. Just wish is wasn’t so quiet.

Flash Friday


10 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Hello 🙂

    FYI: Your link in that new link site links back to Madison’s post, not your own—you may want to update it 🙂

    I really enjoyed some of the imagery you used: “flicker of movement,” “a distant bird song,” “the steady clicking” of the courting insect. I would suggest double-checking spelling (disappears, not disappeares) before posting. I loved that Sasquatch got in on things — it would have been really cool to see what happened when the photographer actually caught up with him!


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