Is it June already!?

How time flies… whether you’re having fun or not! Well, I guess I have been having a little fun. It’s getting the garden in time, doing all the chores that were neglected all winter. But I have been weaving, too. Have been inspired to try a couple new (to me) techniques on the looms. One is transparent weaving where you weave a net-like base and weave pictures with colored yarns in that base. On a “traditional” looms you weave it as you go. On the 12″ Quilt Weaver Square (what I am using) I make a large “weavie” and then weave in the picture. It has involved some interesting challenges but I think I am getting it. In some ways, doing it like this is  kind of like embroidery but yet it is still weaving.  This is destined to be a kitchen curtain. A valance, actually. The pictures come from my bread box and a couple wooden hamburger presses  that are only decorative pieces in my kitchen. I think they are 1950′ or maybe even ’40’s. Antique, vintage, or retro, take your pick! lol

The other project I have going is a colorway blanket, a rainbow affair. I’ll post photos of it once I get it a little further along. And I am working also on making up a booklet of pattern stitches. This is a more or less long term project and is going to challenge my photography skills. or lack of them, as well as my weaving skills, but I thought it might be of interest.

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