The Damsel

The Damsel Fly

The little glint of blue left a faint glittering and sparkling trail as it darted over the clear water of the pool. I sat on a sun warmed rock watching, knowing what would happen shortly. It never failed and it never failed to delight me. It only lasted for a few minutes; they could not maintain it and I don’t know how they do it. Or even if they do. Could it be my imagination?  No one else has ever mentioned seeing it. There! Alighting on my outstretched palm; the Damsel, tiny, perfect, gowned in blue, smiling up at me.


This weeks Flash Friday I find kind of fun. I like to look at the bright side, it makes a tiny balance for the way most see this.

13 thoughts on “The Damsel

  1. Hi Hazel,
    I liked the sense of anticipation in your story and the element of nature worship. There’s beauty everywhere. You just have to look for it. That’s what I took from this. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.


  2. I had forgotten how they smile like that – dragonflies, I mean. I’ve never seen the damsel face up close enough to tell. Thanks for reminding me! And thanks for joining us in our Friday fun.

    I’ve been looking at the other pictures and posts you have here. Are you in SW Colorado? We’ve been looking for land out that way. Hope all is well with the fires, though, it’s sounding pretty bad.


  3. I like how the delicacy of the story reflects our perception of the damselfly’s delicacy, along with the thrill of Nature accepting you completely when you are still and benevolent toward it. Beautiful. I’m on the list.


  4. Hi Hazel, sorry I’m a little late to the party this week. I agree that there is absolutely something delightful about the little critters. I loved “the glint of blue” but was a wee bit lost as to “knowing what would happen shortly.” My best guess was copulation, but damselflies last a bit longer than a few minutes (at least according to this, anyway 😀 If I was far off in my guess, you may want to play around with wording and try different descriptions for what “it” is (I enjoyed the build up/mystery, but it’s possible it was a little too mysterious). “Gowned in blue, smiling up at me” was an intriguing description—it made me think of the little creature as human, and I wondered if that was how the narrator was seeing her/him. Nice work 🙂


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