Real Strawberries

Randy found these when he went to town. Locally grown in Happy Valley by the Vietnamese farmers who do this so well. There were vendors out a few weeks ago but they had the grown in Mexico supermarket berries, you know the kind- huge, hollow, half green, tasteless! Ugh. Only fell for that once. These are the real thing. The car smells heavenly by the time you get them home. They are smaller and red and juicy. Yummmm! So today is for strawberries and canning the chicken soup I made yesterday.

I am also weaving some new kitchen curtains. The last issue if HandWoven featured an article on Transparent weaving where you can work a picture/pattern into your weaving. I think that would be a great one for the valance at the kitchen window. I wanted to work in a hen and rooster but my first attempt was not up to my standards! lol Trying again!  If you’re on Ravelry, drop in on Looms To Go and  take a look at the curtain a member shared.  It’ll have you at your looms in no time! I hope to have something worthy to post shortly.

Meantime, I go to Medford this week to have my vision improved.  Doc says I have a cataract and he’s going to fix it. Sis just had hers done and seems to think it’s a big improvement. Hope so. Read the brochure with all the warnings and just about back out! lol So maybe when I get back my weaving will look better. Or worse! lol

Have a fun, sunny and safe memorial weekend!

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