Winter’s on the way.

I know some of you are having more than enough already. We have our first snow predicted for tomorrow evening. We’re not ready, either! The garden is mostly put away and we’ve only one more trip. We’ll be in Grant’s Pass for Fiber Mania on Nov 12/13. That’s if the pass stays open!

But here’s Taz taking her ease on Randy’s lap, a sure sign of cold weather. This is the Mighty Hunter who does not come in before 10pm on summer evenings, but she appreciates a good warm fire when the temps reach freezing! As we all do. Randy’s looking at expensive tools on his laptop and I’ve weaving and reading my mystery by turns. If you’re looking for a project for the up coming season be sure to check the web site projects page where I’ve posted instructions for the Chirstmas Stocking.

One thought on “Winter’s on the way.

  1. Hazel,

    First, I am totally in love with your looms, but I have to earn more money so that I can buy some of them-the biggest problem is I want at least one of each type of loom you sell…can’t make up my mind…

    Just wanted to tell you that we here in south-eastern PA, just north of Reading PA got 10 inches of very heavy wet snow the Saturday before Halloween-we haven’t had snow like that since I was a pre-teen, and I’m 43yrs old…it was totally weird… The snow made it very difficult for the “trick-or-treaters”… 🙂

    Blessings to you and to all those whom you love and care for!

    Maybe my parents will give me a little money for Christmas and I can start buying some of your wonderful looms…I can wish, right?



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