Free shipping! Some restrictions apply.

It’s finally cold enough for a pair of mittens woven with the Tiny Weaver Set of small looms. The 12 & 14″ square looms make a great Hooded Scarf for keeping that the wind and snow from blowing down your neck, it’s been quite a popular one at shows. Everyone wants to try it on! And When you order the larger looms I’ll include instructions for the Button Down scarf as well. You can make gifts for the whole family and save on yarn as well since these looms take less yarn than a comparable item that is knitted. For instance, a nice warm snow hat takes just 100 yards and fits every one from a medium sized child to adults.
Or make their Santa stockings using the small squares… check the web page Project for instructions.
Order between now and December 10th and if your order is $100 or more I will refund your shipping! Continental states only.
Questions? Email anytime!

Looms made items. You can do it!

3 thoughts on “Free shipping! Some restrictions apply.

  1. I’ve played around with it a little and Jana Trent had some things on her old blog but I don’t know if she kept them. You could ask her on Ravelry. Mostly I just used beads as buttons or small decorations in the fringes.


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