Fiber Mania

We just got back from Grant’s Pass and the Fiber Mania event. This fiber show is sponsored by the Alpaca guild there in southern Oregon. Now you want to talk about your luxury fibers? It is really hard to resist this one! And I didn’t. In fact, I would not be surprised if a good portion of our profits came home in the form of alpaca yarns! lol

Once I get the house cleaned up after being ignored for so long while we traveled hither and yon that’s going to take awhile as it really needs the attention!

I got a photo of my American Girls modeling some woven dresses and shawl for visitors at the show. And the baby was also popular.

Patrick is my kid magnet! lol The kids lug Momma into the booth as soon as they spot Patrick! I guess I need to weave another Sponge Bob to go with him. The first one has gone home with a grandson.

We had a great time and got to spend a couple nights with my sister and her husband, who always put us up and feed us without complaint! Nobody loves you like family! They’re coming down for Thanksgiving. I thought I’d make the guys thankful this year and not make them eat more turkey so I bought a Prime Rib. Gasp! Thought I was going to have to hire a Brink’s truck to bring that home! lol I just hope I can do it justice, never having cooked this expensive bit of cow before. But for Christmas it’s going to be turkey again!

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