New slippers

I used the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern that I bought years ago. I don’t know if they still carry it but it is a “classic” so very likely they do.
I have an extra wide foot so I knitted to extra rows on the sole. That worked fine with the exceptions noted below.
First, the pink pair, the first one I made , it’s mate, and the color catcher results:

I could not find my #13 circ so I knitted the first one with a #10 using the mens small size as compensation, I hoped. I only did the one, in case it didn’t work, I would not have wasted as much yarn. It did work but the brown faded into the pink, giving me an orange slipper. Sis told me about the Shout Color Catchers she had bought but not tried and sent me a couple in the mail. I used it when felting the rest of the slippers and as you can see, they do work!
The second pair was knitted on my found #13.

Pay attention to the yarn you are using. Use the same yarn for sole and tops. I didn’t notice until I had knitted quite a bit, that the grey was coarser than the blue. It felted less, or at least slower, so the soles are a bit longer and wider. Not enough to make them useless but it could easily be a problem. There was no fading, but whether that was the catcher, which, as you see is strongly brown, or the yarn, your guess is as good as mine.

The edging, which I knitted according to the pattern rather than as I did the pink ones, is way loose, but very likely that is as much the grey yarn as it is the technique. In the future, however, they will all be left flat. I can fix this easily enough. There is a tiny bit of difference in size, which could be that I worked an extra row or just the felting process. Anyway, I now have two pair of usable slippers.
Now- on to other projects!
Hope the last week of 2010 is going well for you! If you are snowed in, get out your yarn, looms, needles, hooks, and Make Stuff!

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