Summer Fun

The first picture is the local swimming hole in the Trinity River and Grandson Justin taking a leap off the rocks. A thing I could never make myself do! It’s a nice deep hole with wide shallows for the little ones and a shady sloping sandy bank for the mom’s and Dad’s in lawn chairs. The water is no longer quite as snowy cold but still fresh and fairly fast flowing. A popular afternoon site.

The second picture is taken in Hell’s Gate on the Rogue River in Oregon. We went on the Jet Boat tour with sister and her dh. I could not get far enough back to get a good picture and it is a goal of the pilots (with encouragement from the tourists) to get us as wet as possible. I did not want to chance soaking the camera. But I have to admit, I also enjoyed the wetting as it was a hot afternoon. I missed one shoulder with the sun block and it is quite bright this morning! lol

But we had an enjoyable visit, got a bit of shopping done, and are now home again.

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Randy has been down in the San Francisco bay area and says it’s been really cold and foggy. That’s the way it often goes, when it’s hot in the valley, the fog rolls in on the coast. I’m wishing you warm!


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