Summer morning

Yeah, it’s my breakfast. Our local organic gardener got a new puppy. A 10 month old 95 lb. Pyrenees. Very playfull and untrained when they got him. Bosco rammed playfully into the side of Tami’s knee and so she is now wearing a brace for at least 6 weeks. I’ve been helping out by picking raspberries for her. Which leads back to my breakfast. 🙂  I’m also working on a project with the looms… it’s a secret! This loom is one of Randy’s Art looms. I snagged it before he could sell it to somebody! Walnut and maple with brass pins. Cool.

It’s been pretty warm days here but last night got rather chilly, had to get up and find an afghan to supplement the one blanket we’ve had on the bed. Had some thunder in the distance a couple days ago but no rain and as far as I can gather, no fires.

Randy will be home this evening and once we get the drip system set up for the tomatoes and the loom orders caught up we’re heading for the coast for a couple days with Justin before he has to head home again.  Haven’t been over in awhile and next summer he plans to go to Alaska so we won’t see the ocean then, either.

But I hope you hare having a summer with hot, but not too hot, days and cool nights! And have some raspberries for your Cheerios!

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