Another project finished!

I finished my baby blanket, woven on the 6″ Multi square loom. I used Paton’s Cotton top (from stash & discontinued) and Knit Picks Crayon cotton to assemble it. The finished size is 38″ square, which I’m told is a good size for a receiving blanket. I was hoping for crib sized but found I was short on a couple of the colors. This took a bit over a month to make, I did not work on it every day but stuck to my resolve not to start another project until I finished this one. I tried out a few fancy edgings but in the end just worked three rounds of sc and a row of picots. What I did not want was any lacy holes for little fingers and toes to get caught in. I think it’s pretty without them.

I am quite happy with the finished blanket. It’s for a young neighbor having her first child. I ran it though the gentle cycle of the washing machine yesterday, I had to be sure it was machine washable. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this.  picturing it coming out with gaping holes so that I’d have to rush off to town to buy her a gift before the shower! It came out just fine and tho it did not shrink, it fluffed and is really soft and ‘huggable’. I am delighted and hope she will be as well. (The picture enlarges if you click it.)

One thought on “Another project finished!

  1. Just gorgeous!!! I bet it will be a favorite! And doesn’t it feel good to get a big project finished off!

    You bet it does, Linda! I enjoyed making it but am glad to be off onto the next project.


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