Just wondering…

Just wondering if it really matters if we are vegetarians or not. This vegetable knows it is spring. It was growing roots in my fridge and had little leaflets on top. Trying to grow, still obviously alive. But I had to kill it for our dinner. Well, Nature made it so and I can’t eat sand.

I think it’s the rain rain rain rain rain rain that’s bringing on these dreary fits! The world is certainly green and that’s good but oh so wet. The lilacs and iris are beginning to look a bit worse for wear. The cats have been suffering advanced Cabin Fever, but when I let them out this morning, they declined and went back to bed. I wanted to, but we had looms to build. I know, in a month or less we’ll be complaining about the heat.. happens most every year. Still… right now I can hardly wait!

Hope you aren’t too soggy.

One thought on “Just wondering…

  1. Hi Hazel,
    You want some heat, come toward NY and you can have it. It was 92 yesterday, going to get to 94 today and then it will cool down, but no real rain in fact we are almost three inches below normal. My iris and yellow roses are just about done for this year, way earlier then other years.


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