I found it! Or rather, my sister did. it’s called iris japonica or japanese iris and seems to be considered a weed by some people. lol I gether from google-ing that is mulitplies rapidly in some areas. this isn’t one, it does multiplyhere, too, but reasonably & I am fine with it as it has a lovely flower, as you can see.

The sun is shining again at last! It is soooo lovely!  lol I am not usually bothered by cloudy and rainy days but it was getting to me this spring. Tho I had to spend some time in the shop today I’ve been out transplanting garden plants and flowers. I found another blossom on the Orchid Iris. I don’t  know the real name of this plant and cannot remember where I got the start but it’s a lovely plant and I hope someone will be able to recognize it for me. They grow about a foot tall and multiply rapidly but only bloom if they like where they are. I have not come up with a no-fail place but sometimes I get lucky and meet their conditions. If you know who this is, Please let me know!

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