Happy Easter

Sis bought me an Easter basket for my birthday and it is in full bloom now. The first such thing I’ve had in years. Very pretty!

It’s good to have something cheerful around today as it is dark and cold  and sleeting and snowing… No sunrise this morning!

But I understand that the east is having lovely weather for Easter after their wicked winter! Congratulations to you guys!

The loom maker took yesterday off so we’ll be back in the shop today. It is warmer and drier than outdoors, anyway! lol I understand that the interstate is one again having blizzard conditions. Happy to be home in our warm shop!

Hope you are somewhere warm and dry, but if you share our weather, it is at least a good day for yarn. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. We are having much nicer weather than you today! It is sunshine and 80 something degrees. I had to work today, but I did go sit in my car for lunch, open the sunroof, and sat listening to the birds chirp in the stinky trees (bradford pears). Lovely day. You grandboys say Hello and Hoppy Easter!


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