Working hard

Here is Randy hard at work making your looms. We both spent the day in the shop. And the sun was shining outside! Oh well, there’ll be more sunshine.

Now I have dinner in the oven and maybe I can use the looms a bit this evening! lol

But we are taking a day off this coming week. Because… TaDa! it’s my birthday! Yes indeed, the infamous April 1st.  And we are going north and having a Ritzy dinner with my sister and her husband and then spending the night in a Bed & Breakfast, a thing I have never done and wanted to try once, at least. One of these years I’m going to take a train ride… another one of those things on my Bucket List. 😀  It may be a boring list but we each have our own version, after all!

Hope you have daffodils blooming. too!

One thought on “Working hard

  1. Hi Hazel,

    No daffodils blossomed yet, but I do see a couple of buds. lol
    Have a great time on your birthday. My cousin turns 45 that day seems like only yesterday he was born.




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