I’ve been wanting to try my hand with these 0000 knitting needles and found that Sis had some in her stash so I borrowed them and got out some lace weight yarn, found a pattern and started knitting. Frogged my first effort as I could not keep track of the pattern, it being very small. Frankly, I couldn’t see it! lol  Old eyes, dark yarn, and really small stitches do not make for good knitting partners. But this one is a k2p2 rib and so far I have managed to find all the dropped stitches. I have about 1 1/2″ done so far and at least 3-4 more to go. If I don’t poop out entirely it’s going to take most of the summer to finish this! Thank goodness I have the looms to go to when my eyes start x-ing! lol 

I am working on the baby dresses and I think they are coming along well. I just wish I had a baby to try them on. One problem that came to me in the night will have to be adjusted. The first little dress I made  is a slip-over and if I recall (my baby being nearly 42 years old) that is a difficult type of garment to get on a baby or even a toddler, so I am going to have to modify this dress to make it button up.  I did order more yarn so I can make another one. I also bought some boy yarn . Now I just have to come up with a cute boy idea.  🙂

3 thoughts on “knittin’

  1. That dress is gorgeous!!! I remember an outfit that I had for my oldest ds when he was like 1 1/2 or 2, it was a pair of bib overalls that totally buttoned up one side. So you just had to get one leg in and then pull the one side together to button and then sit him up and bring the straps over the shoulders. They were denim though, but they were one of his favorite things to wear because they had so many buttons, and snaps, and a zip pocket across the chest. Very easy for changing though because you just had to lay him down and un button the one side from his armpit to his leg. Hope that give you some ideas. At the very least a t-shirt shorts set for a boy would be great for spring and summer.


  2. Thanks, both of you. I am working on boy stuff, at leat the shirts but I got doll pants to work so maybe baby pants will, too. the side buttons are worth a try, too.


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