Took this though the screen at the bedroom door. The white in the background is just what you think. Got about three inches on Tuesday. Rained some off yesterday but it looks like we have more coming in tonight. Meanwhile some optimistic color in the pot on the steps. The green netting is to (I hope) discourage the greys from digging everything up. I have hardly a pot of planter in the yard that hasn’t been excavated. It’s bad enough the darned squirrels plant their acorns in my flowers but then they can’t remember where they did hide them so dig up everything in their search!  I’m beginning to think I might enjoy my Dad’s old favorite.. Squirrel Stew!

But I’m getting some weaving time when I’m not in the shop making looms. If you’re on Ravelry, check the Small Looms group, the Doll WAL. A new cutie’s been posted!

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