I just wanted to say that I am still here but have been so busy in the loom shop that I have hardly had time for anything else! I did get invited to send in my project to the Handwoven sock yarn contest. I’m rather proud of that. Don’t know if anything will come of it, but once they decide … one way or the other… I guess I’ll be able to show you. Even if they don’t like it, I do ! lol

Meantime, I hope you are getting some spring! Our snow has melted again and the sun is shinning this morning. I know some of you have had way too much winter for one winter so I’m wishing you an equal warm sunny spring!

We’re heading north tomorrow to pick up Randy’s new boots and re-stock the wood shop. This last couple of busy months have nearly depleted our stores. And he wants to visit with our Alaskan friend who is wintering this year in Oregon to discuss the trip up he wants to make.

But it’s back in the shop this morning…

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