Spring time?

Beaver dam

Randy has been trying to discourage this family since they moved in last fall but they seem determined to stay. The problem is that they have damed off our access to Coffee Creek and the water way to Treasure Creek which runs though the residential district. (if it can be called that in our little village) This is going to make a lot of people unhappy. A lot of fishes and frogs & raccoons, too. I am hoping that Randy and the beavers can work out a way for all of us to share the water. The trouble will come in the late summer when the creek starts getting low.  We have not yet been able to get a photo of the workers themselves.

Spring is peeking out up here in the mts, tho. At least things are budding and the daffies and tulips are started out of the ground. I even have primroses blooming! You guys who are still buried under feet of snow… keep the faith, it will happen there too!

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