It’s not raining….

But we’re up to nearly 3″ of the white stuff so far.

It's not raining...

Supposed to do this all day. It’s wet, too. Power was out twice already for minutes. Would not be surprised to have it fail for hours. But I’m off to the shop to put nails in the new Multi Triangles until it does. Then I may be able to weave on my curtain project if I can see by the window light.  But… maybe we won’t lose power and I’ll be posting here again today. 😀

One thought on “It’s not raining….

  1. Hi Hazel,
    The snow is pretty and is good for the water table later on, but you can keep it over there. I’m enjoying our winter without much of it so far. Don’t trust the month of February though we could get socked. Hope you didn’t lose power.


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