Finished weaving my curtain but… The top looks okay.

Top side

But on the bottom there are many skips, one rather long and rythmatic, which I’m guessing means I made a treadling mistake but most are just random. I did not notice any of these while I was weaving .


3 thoughts on “Help?

  1. When I get a lot of skips on the bottom like this, it’s usually because I’m not weaving with a tight enough tension and I’m picking up threads with the tip of the shuttle.

    Was your tension tight? I tend to weave on my Baby Wolf with enough tension that any more would make it start to fold up.

    Just some thoughts…


  2. lol Don’t want to fold my loom that way. But yeah, I will work on the needle weaving but would be happy to not have to do it very often! I thought my warp was tight but it was also a wide sett which, combined with my inexperience, could have been cause enough, I suppose.


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